A Leverhulme Travelling Scholarship upon graduating from Central School of Art and Design in London, UK led to Jacqueline Treloar taking up apprenticeships in New York, Paris, and finally Como, Lombardy where she worked within the renown printed textiles industry from 1972-1984. In 1984 she relocated to Toronto and began exhibiting large elaborate painted and layered fabric panels in regional galleries and public spaces. The artist resided in Palermo Sicily from 2000-2003 and the islands strong presence of history and legend impacted on her practice and combined with the use of personal iconography and life experience to form the base of her ongoing mixed media art projects. Series of work build with much research and collecting of all manner of passamaneria, findings and personal treasures to present sumptuous and complex presentations.

Jacqueline Treloar's Christmas tree at Paul Petro Gallery

“What amazed me the most were Jaqueline Treloar’s beautiful pieces covering the tree. “Baroque Ball”, a collection of tree ornaments, is something to be taken in. The care and precision of each piece comes fully through when looking at them closely.” (Emily Newell, ARTORONTO)

Interview for TextileArtist.org

“We were attracted to Jacqueline’s work because of its boldness, ambition and sense of theatricality, and were keen to find out more. She speaks to us about the influence Italy has had on her work, as well as how she cleverly combines painting with textile art.”

Jacqueline Trelor: Exaltation

Jacqueline Treloar “strives to open up what has been closed in us. She is a diligent housekeeper of the Infinite, making sure her allotted panels of the doors of perception swing to and fro as smoothly as possible.”