Emily Newell on Jacqueline Treloar’s work decorating the Christmas Tree at Paul Petro Gallery: “What amazed me the most were Jaqueline Treloar’s beautiful pieces covering the tree. “Baroque Ball”, a collection of tree ornaments, is something to be taken in. The care and precision of each piece comes fully through when looking at them closely. From “A Gathering of Feathered Friends”, through the chandelier or “star” on top of the tree, to “Barbie Doll Angels Tea Party”, which stands in for the tree skirt, this installation is one of sheer elegance. The baroque angels that are featured in many of the ornaments really bring out the feeling of strolling through Italy and coming across fountains and statues in the piazzas or the paintings in its many churches. The colours are vibrant. Each piece has so many intricate details, that when viewing them closely you can see the beadwork and fabrics seamlessly come together. The fabrics on most of the pieces are shear and light shines through them to enhance the image, really bringing them to life. Treloar must put an extraordinary amount of work in each piece and it shows.”

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