An Interpretation of the Westminster Abbey Great Pavement

The exhibit of this commanding work, An Interpretation of The Westminster Abbey Great Pavement, is suspended from the ceiling of The Church of the Holy Trinity, Toronto along the east aisle from 19 January to 6 August  2011, and is mirrored on the south side of the church with a new piece of multicoloured layered and cut nylon of the same size, which holds the lines of text and the quadratura patterns in the design of the pavement.

The Great Pavement was created between 1999 and 2000 and first exhibited in the atrium of the Library and Gallery Cambridge, Ontario, from 2000 –2001. It replicates the 1268 Westminster Abbey Great Pavement in size and pattern format, being a 24 ft square of translucent nylon with the shapes of the various elements of the original pavement cut from coloured nylon, stencilled with acrylic paint, and then superimposed one over another and appliquéd to the nylon base.

An Interpretation Of The Westminster Abbey Great Pavement

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