Kingston Road United Church Installation

The four large painted translucent nylon panels mounted in the sanctuary of the Kingston Road United Church are part of a much larger group of panels created for the exhibition S.S. Giovanni e Giacomo displayed in October 1997 at the regional Art Gallery of Mississauga, where I created my interpretation of a commemorative memorial cathedral.

Two of each of the original four family panels and four column panels previously hung in the main gallery at Mississauga are displayed in the church sanctuary.

The panels are done with acrylic paints, textured rubber rollers, large sponges and brushes on translucent nylon fabric

The painted and stencilled column panels are modelled after at thirteenth-century Romanesque capitols at the Cloisters in New York City.

The portrait panels are images of dear friends and their families who remain close to this day.

Each friend was asked to identify their favourite living plant, animal and text. These were embedded in each panel as a kind of personal and flexible heraldic device for each individual.

Christopher, Lili, Emma, size 295 x 410 cm

Love is forever The African crane, the birch tree

Luciana. Stephano, Claudia, size 295 x 475 cm

The light within, the dolphin, the anemone

Acanthus flowers with heads, size 295 x 475 cm

Figures entwined with acanthus buds, size 295 x 410 cm

Kingston Road United Church Installation

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